• Гипнотерапия
60 - 90 minutes
1 - 5 sessions
2 500 UAH

Many people are afraid of hypnosis. A lot of them don't believe in hypnosis. Many people know about it only - "Kashpirovsky" and "gypsies". And they are all wrong. They lose one of the best opportunities in their life to reach a new level in personal relationships, in business / finance, in health and in everything else that their life comes into contact with.

Hypnotherapy is a way to view everything that is left out of conscious attention, out of conscious control, has become unbearable and unresolved, sealed in the subconscious memory, stuck “in the heart and soul” and began to guide the whole life of a person “from the inside”. A person is helpless meeting his/her strong and deep impressions if he/she has not been able to understand them correctly. The only difficulty is that basically all the deepest impressions are formed before the age of 7 years (with additional imprints in adolescence), when we cannot properly understand what is happening. As a result, life passes in stress, dissatisfaction, disappointments, negative recurring scenarios, with extinct dreams and untapped potential ... and just past. You need to be able to find in your inner, subconscious structure the bookmark of these troubles and "put things in order there."

Unlike the "show", hypnotherapy is used solely at the request and consent of the person and with his direct participation in the whole process to improve life. In this case, you will fully maintain control over everything that happens. A hypnotherapist is your instructor, a guide who shows the way, tells you what to do and how to do it. You do the rest by listening and responding. And not to believe in hypnotherapy means not to believe in your own ability to feel, hear, listen and simply follow the words of a specialist.

Hypnotherapy is a deep knowledge about the subconscious structure of a person and how to work with it, about the ways of laying traumatic events and the formation of blocks and obstacles to joy and well-being, about the strength and potential of a person and how to reach it, open it and use it.

What Hypnotherapy does:
  • clears the way for you to your desires and goals, cures psychosomatic diseases, revealing their causes;
  • erases complexes and disbelief in oneself;
  • helps you meet true love, improve existing relationships, create a strong happy family;
  • helps to take care of the health and full development of the personality of your children;
  • removes dependencies and closed scenarios in life;
  • frees you from the burden that has been dragging you to the bottom for many years with resentment, feelings of shame and guilt, fears, pity, aggression;
  • paves new horizons and creates new opportunities in all spheres of life;
  • leads you to your inner world, introduces you to the real you