Fascial plasty of the face and body

  • Фасциальная пластика лица и тела
40 - 60 minutes
5 - 10 sessions
2 500 UAH

The basis of the author's technique, developed by a certified cosmetologist Irena Terauda, is a resonant manual impact in order to restore the natural myofascial balance of the body in dysfunctionally altered areas of deep and superficial fascia.

Fascial or sculptural plastic surgery of the face and body is a direct impact on the deep fascia and the key to further effective work with mimic muscles. In the process of fascial modeling, the focal points and areas of the body are worked out, their alignment and separation, stretching of the aponeuroses and muscles. All manipulations are carried out taking into account modern studies of the structure and causes of myofascial disorders in the context of anatomy, physiology and histology.

Fascial massage improves blood circulation, lymph drainage and improves trophism (from the Greek trophē - nutrition) of the skin.

The main purpose of myofascial massage is to correct aesthetic problems, relieve tension in tissues and improve the overall health of the human body.

In addition, the use of myofascial sculptural plastics has a rejuvenating effect on the body, improves the overall aesthetic appearance, and also has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state and the nervous system as a whole.

Fascial massage is a serious alternative to injection methods, which has no age restrictions.

The effect of facial and body fascial massage is noticeable immediately after the first session.

  • pelvic area, pelvic diaphragm;
  • back and back of the neck;
  • lateral and axillary surface of the chest;
  • mammary glands and anterior surface of the chest;
  • anterior surface of the neck;
  • work with temporal, frontal-occipital and masticatory aponeuroses;
  • adjustment of mimic muscles.
Treatment indications
  • reduction in body volume;
  • the formation of more pronounced body contours;
  • smoothing the pastosity effect of face and body;
  • reduction of mimic wrinkles;
  • eye shape restoration;
  • reduction and second chin prevention;
  • face oval correction;
  • mouth corner lifting;;
  • eyebrow lifting;
  • general face skin tightening;
  • reduction of wrinkles on the front and back of the neck.
  • acute inflammatory process
  • high body temperature
  • conditions requiring urgent surgical intervention
  • fractures, bleeding