Biodecoding diseases

  • Биодекодирование болезней
40 - 60 minutes
2 000 UAH

Psychotherapy or New German Medicine

Biodecoding of diseases is a completely new approach to human health, which has a practical solution in the treatment of physical and mental disorders.

Biological decoding can be called a philosophy of life. The main principle of biocoding is that a symptom of a disease is both a signal of a problem and its solution. In fact, the healing process starts from the moment the disease begins. What is in our subconscious - hidden resentment, accumulated negative energy and emotions, everything is reflected in our body in the form of physical ailments. Biological decoding recognizes these problems and pulls them out.

Modern medicine claims that it is necessary to fight the disease, because the disease is evil. But this statement is not entirely true, and here's why:

Disease is a biological program

Christian Flesh looked at it from a different angle - each disease has its own meaning, being the so-called code. That is, the disease is not a physical problem, but a biological program that has positive intentions and is aimed both at relieving stress and at adapting to the external environment in a specific period of time. The body sends a signal for help through pain, and we try to drown out this pain in the traditional way, i.e. medicines.

Biological decoding can be described as the process of removing negative and malicious programs from the information space of a person and the cells of his body. Using this method, you can decipher quite a lot of psycho-emotional disorders and, having identified psychological trauma (stress, shock, etc.), influence it.

The German physician Dr. Reik Gerd Hamer at the end of the 20th century discovered biological laws based on principles that explain the causes of the disease, the process of its development and healing. On these five laws the New German Medicine is built.

Psychobiotherapy is aimed at the emotional cause of the disease, realizing which you can get rid of both the symptoms and the physical disease.

Understanding the disease as the body's response to psychological overstrain in conjunction with the basic biological laws makes it possible in most cases to quickly achieve an improvement in the condition and complete recovery of a person. The task of the therapist is to find and guide the patient through the painful moments of his life.

One also needs to understand that, unlike psychoanalysis, aimed at a deep, long and extensive study of the entire spectrum of problems, Biodecoding is a "short therapy". Psychobiotherapy works only with those aspects that are relevant to this particular problem.

Treatment indications
  • Physical illnesses and pain syndromes
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Various dependencies
  • Dissatisfaction with life
  • Depression
  • "Running in a circle", recurring events in life
  • Failures in personal life and business
  • Inability to get sexual satisfaction
  • Repetition of someone else's scenario of life
  • Stress and nervousness

Mental personality disorders