Aesthetic modeling of the face and décolletage

  • Эстетическое моделирование лица и зоны декольте
40 - 60 minutes
5 - 10 sessions
2 000 UAH

Aesthetic facial modeling is a fairly new technique based on the principles of the latest osteopathic techniques, cranial osteopathy, intraoral massage and Y. V. Chikurov's technique. In addition to a strong cosmetic effect, myofascial modeling has a beneficial therapeutic effect on the entire body as a whole.

This method is fundamentally different from all kinds of cosmetic massages using manual techniques that gently change the structure and relative position of tissues that affect the optimization of biochemical processes in the human body. In the process of applying the technique of myofascial modeling of the face and décolleté, the internal forces of the body are activated.

The technique of aesthetic myofascial modeling of the face and décolletage area is also unique by giving not only a positive aesthetic effect. Myoplasty also has a calming effect, relieving emotional and mental tension and stress.

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul... but our inner state is reflected in the face. Cosmetic procedures can correct the appearance, but they cannot smooth out the wrinkles of internal disharmony.

Aesthetic modeling primarily improves the appearance of the face and décolletage area, making the contours clearer. The skin becomes elastic, acquiring a natural healthy color. With the help of myoplasty, wrinkles and “bags” under the eyes are reduced.

In addition, myofascial modeling relieves muscle tension in the facial and neck muscles, and after the session, blood circulation and microcirculation, venous and lymphatic drainage improves throughout the body.

The tone of the bottom of the mouth is normalized, which has a stimulating effect on the muscle groups of the pelvic organs and improves blood circulation in them.

This procedure is suitable for everyone over 18 years old, regardless of gender - both men and women.
Depending on the condition and age, to obtain a sustainable result, 5-10 sessions are required with a repeat in six months.

Aesthetic modeling has a strong effect on the soft tissues of the body. Therefore, sessions are held at least once every ten days and no more than once every three days.

Another important thing is that after Botox injection, the cosmetic effect of the therapy is not so noticeable and it takes much more time to achieve a positive result.

  • Vascular - work with the vessels of the head. Improves blood circulation in the brain and facial tissues.
  • Neural - work with the facial, vagus and trigeminal nerve. Improves muscle tone and skin condition.
  • Energy - normalization of energy circulation. The work of internal organs and the general condition of the body improves, muscle tone is restored.
  • Lymphatic - improves lymph circulation. It has a positive effect on the metabolic processes of the body, improves the appearance and quality of the skin, improves mood.
  • Intraosseous - elimination of the consequences of injuries and bruises of the head.
  • Biodynamic techniques - correct nervous conditions, help to achieve inner harmony.
  • Manual techniques - gentle action on fibrous muscles smoothes wrinkles and reduces wrinkles on the face.
  • Intraoral techniques - restore the muscles of the mouth and eliminate the negative effects of dental interventions. Facial symmetry is restored, intraosseous tension is eliminated, blood circulation of the gums and alveoli improves.
Treatment indications
  • Face oval deformation
  • “Double chin” effect
  • Mimic and age wrinkles
  • Face and under-eyes puffiness
  • Decreased muscle tone
  • Facial asymmetry
  • "Tired" skin, gray complexion
  • Rashes on the face
  • Emotional fatigue and exhaustion
  • Acute inflammatory process
  • High body temperature
  • Exacerbation of herpes